Nexus Inc was established in September 2016 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Nexus is a technology-enabling and innovative company focusing on the development of the blockchain industry. Its core technical team is one of the pioneers in the development and commercial application of blockchain technology globally.

The team relies on a mature blockchain infrastructure, strong industry application and implementation experience, and profound Internet of Things background to provide professional and systematic blockchain technology implementation solutions for various institutions, enterprises, and banks around the world.

Technical advantages

Blockchain technology

Nexus Inc. has many years of blockchain chain research and development experience and several technical patents under their name. Nexus Inc. can provide a series of industry blockchain vertical solutions ranging from technology, product side to operations according to the needs of our users.

Chip technology

Nexus Inc. has more than ten years of design experience in security algorithms, SOC and MCU amongst others. It has provided chip technology to dozens of successful projects. Its main chip design process is 14nm.

Smart hardware technology

Nexus Inc. provides industry users with all aspects of blockchain hardware products such as blockchain hardware nodes and blockchain intelligent hardware.

Internet of Things Technology

With dozens of core technologies in the fields of E-SIM, NBIOT, and LoRal in the field of Internet of Things, Nexus Inc. provides users with reliable blockchain communication technology support and implementation of the blockchain in their businesses.

Use Cases

Nexus Inc. combines blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies to create an online blockchain e-commerce platform

Blockchain e-commerce management platform

The platform allows for remote real-time product monitoring and collection of stock data. It uses intelligent analysis to evaluate the transaction process, if abnormalities are detected, the platform manager will be notified immediately.

Blockchain e-commerce smart screening

Smart screening enables the monitoring and visualization of sales data and operation data in real-time. This allows the full supervision of the production cycle, operation information, and query of the data on the chain.

Tracking system

Through building a solid technical foundation that works on the premise of “one object to one code”, Nexus Inc. provides a tracking system which can track the entire production process, covering the whole cycle of product production, logistics and distribution. This eliminates the risks of counterfeiting and enables oversight of the logistical process of the business.

Product Advantages

Safety advantages

Relying on years of experience in the field of security, Nexus Inc. explores and analyzes blockchain industry applications and security issues to provide tailored industry solutions that provide safe and stable services for blockchain customers in different businesses and in different development stages.

It is suitable for user registration, login, transaction authentication, APP reinforcement protection, anti-DDOS attack and other types of attack vectors. It has undergone verification of many users and had worked through complex scenarios which makes our service stable and reliable. Nexus Inc. uses DDoS high-defense technology, 2T ultra-large protection bandwidth, and high-quality overseas BGP nodes, embedded web application firewall and other forms of protection to ensure the stability of the client’s business operations.

Advantages of asset custody

Nexus Inc. focuses on building a data asset management system that effectively solves practical problems in the management of data assets and helps enterprises rationally evaluate, standardize and manage information assets.